Our full-time MBA is taught over 18 months and has a precise limit on class size. The program is delivered in an intensive format, where students complete two units of study at a time over a seven to eight week period.

Program details

You will ‘learn by doing’ through workshops with industry leaders; intensive group work; and tackling real world issues with a diverse cohort. You will graduate with the skills and knowledge to build and lead future enterprises in a digital, hyper-connected world – from tech start-ups to major corporations. You will learn from internationally-renowned academics from the Business School and across the University, as well as from a host of industry leaders.

The MBA (Leadership and Enterprise) comprises of 12 units of study, which are grouped around three key focus areas:

  1. Personal and interpersonal skill development - These units focus on the development of personal and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage and lead in business. You will learn to build individual resilience in a world of growing complexity, disruption and ambiguity.
  2. Business knowledge and skill development - Once you complete the first four units, you will focus on core business knowledge and skills with an overarching theme of building business resilience and sustainability. You will have an opportunity to combine assessments from these four units to form a business project that will examine the sustainability of an existing business.
  3. Building future enterprises - These units bring together the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous units to equip you to build and lead future enterprises. The final unit is the MBA Capstone (Design Strategy), in which you will develop customer-centric products and services aligned with the strategy of a contemporary, real-world organisation.

The program finishes with a capstone unit, enabling you to apply everything you have learnt throughout the MBA to bring a real product prototype to market.

Graduate outcomes

Our full-time MBA will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to achieve your future anything. You will:

  • Develop personal and interpersonal skills required to effectively manage and lead.
  • Learn to build individual resilience in a complex world.
  • Acquire core business knowledge and skills.
  • Be exposed to business resilience and sustainability.
  • Examine the sustainability of an existing business.
  • Master the art of building and leading future enterprises.
  • Develop the skills to deliver customer-centric products and services.