MBA Alumni

Alumni of the University of Sydney Business School are leaders in their chosen fields. Placed around the world, they continue to enjoy the benefits of their education, the richness of their individual experiences of campus life at Australia's first university and the rewards of being an integral part of the significant international network of the University of Sydney.

Mark Carrick

"The decision to undertake the Sydney MBA was not one I took lightly, It was a very considered approach to finding the right program to assist in my decision to transition from my role as a Commander in the counter terrorism world, which I had been in for a considerable amount of time. I decided after considerable research, the Sydney MBA would provide me with a high quality experiential journey that allowed me to position my experience in a very relevant way for contemporary organisations to see my skills as an asset. I am very pleased with my growth journey so far and exceptionally impressed with the quality and standard of the MBA team."

Ronald Macatbag

"Leadership, technical expertise, and long lasting relationships with talented classmates are the key takeaways that I got from my University of Sydney MBA. These, I strongly believe, will further future proof my career in an ever changing business landscape."

Renee Connellan

"Starting the MBA program was both daunting and exciting. Finishing my MBA is one of the greatest achievements of my life. It has helped me develop the skills, knowledge and mindset to drive my career to the next level - while giving me a diverse and supportive network of friends and colleagues."

Joshua Ratilal

"The MBA for me is a milestone - one that has marked my transition from being one of the crowd to being a strategic leader and thinker. The leadership and technical skills that I've acquired over the course of the MBA have been life changing, and the close friendships formed amongst the first ever Sydney MBA cohort will be something I cherish forever."

Bilyana Smith

"I entered the MBA program seeking to fill gaps in my knowledge and experience - but it became a journey of personal growth and of building ties that will last a lifetime. I came out of it stronger, armed with a new confidence and a support network to make a difference in the world."

Alex Paltos

"The MBA for me has been all about connections: to our peers, our instructors, our careers, and most importantly, to our true selves. It has served as the perfect recalibration for me at this time in my career and life, and has been an unparalleled milestone to take proudly forward with me in this rapidly changing world."

Jessica Hughes

"The professional growth experienced in the MBA goes without saying, but what I didn't expect was the enormous personal growth. I've learnt a lot, made lifelong friends, invaluable connections and accelerated my career."

Christopher Murphy

"The University of Sydney MBA program was a journey of personal exploration and growth. The program forced me to reflect, and look inward in order to understand how I can better manage others, and better manage myself. It has developed my communication, time management and leadership skills. The program has equipped me with the requisite skills to make the most of my future career."

Anita Mitchell

"The MBA program has not only taught me many of the technical skills needed to lead organisations, but more importantly, it has helped me to better understand how to lead teams and to model the kinds of leadership behaviour that I admire in others."

Hugh Simpson

"The Sydney MBA is not all about theory, it was about experiential learning where we would put the skills we learnt in the classroom into practice the very next day. There is no doubt that the Sydney MBA has improved my professional skillset, however it has also helped me to grow a diverse personal network of amazing individuals from a range of industries which can only enhance my career and personal life further."

Angus Edwards

"Completing the University of Sydney MBA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have been challenged, learnt new skills, made lifelong friends, but most of all, I gained a better understanding of who I am and the kind of leader I want to be."

Jixin Jia

"The MBA program emphasises learning through doing. This is particularly effective in the international business project where I was given the challenge of facilitating a sophisticated M&A project with a real business partner on a global scale. In this fast-paced business landscape, the opportunity to learn by doing is arguably the most effective avenue through which one can cultivate the skills need to manage modern business challenges."