Scholarships and fees


We are investing in the business leaders of tomorrow through a range of scholarships that reward talent and hard work and offer financial support. Our current scholarships for the part-time MBA include:

Applications close 10am Monday 18 September for Semester 1, 2018

We have partnered with Financial Review BOSS Magazine to celebrate the emergence of the next generation of corporate and community leaders. In 2017, we will search for the best young business talent with a prize package that includes a full Emerging Leaders MBA scholarship worth over $60,000 for one student to complete their part-time MBA.

Find out more and apply for the scholarship.

This exciting scholarship program offers financial assistance for half of the required tuition fees for up to three incoming MBA students each semester. This scholarship is intended to promote academic excellence in coursework Masters programs within the University of Sydney Business School. The scholarships will be awarded to outstanding applicants based on their academic achievement, leadership capabilities, ambassadorial potential and motivation to succeed in business in a socially responsible way.

For successful MBA applicants, the scholarships will cover 50% of the tuition fees for up to 12 units of study within the MBA.

Applications close Sunday 26 November 2017.

Food Ladder is an Australian-based, international not-for-profit (NFP) working to address food security. Using environmentally sustainable, climate controlled greenhouses and food growing technology, a Food Ladder social enterprise produces commercial quantities of vegetables for sale and employment opportunities for local people.

Established in 2017, through a generous donation from Food Ladder, the University of Sydney Business School is offering the Indigenous Leadership Scholarship which covers the full tuition fees for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander commencing in the part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The scholarship aims to provide an opportunity for a candidate that demonstrates leadership skills and community involvement.

The Indigenous Leadership Scholarship is open to all Australian residents of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, who meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the degree, Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Please review the Conditions of Award for the Indigeous Leadership MBA Scholarship  pdf

The UN Women National Committee Australia supports the work of UN Women by raising public awareness of gender and development issues. Through education women gain the knowledge to put in place policies, services and resources to fulfil the UN Women’s mission for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

To advance our shared commitment to women’s leadership and accelerating progress towards gender equality, the University of Sydney Business School and the National Committee for UN Women are pleased to offer the ‘UN Women National Committee Australia MBA Scholarship’.

Please review the Conditions of Award for the UN Women National Committee Australia MBA Scholarship (PDF)

Opens in August for Semester 1, 2018

The Professional Leadership Development Scholarship is a Business School funded initiative established to provide a professional development opportunity to administrative staff and to enhance the capability of the University to achieve its strategic purpose.

The Scholarship is open to University of Sydney employees in Professional or Academic leadership roles who meet the selection criteria for the program.

One scholarship is available and will cover full tuition fees for the standard duration of the Master of Business Administration program.

Please review the Conditions of Award for the University of Sydney Staff: Professional Leadership Development Scholarship (Master of Business Administration) pdf.


Fee Structure

The University's tuition fees are reviewed annually and may be varied during the period of study. The fees for the program in 2017 are made up of twelve units of study at a total of AUD$61,500. Part-time fees are paid per unit of study per term in advance and payment deadlines are notified to students at the beginning of each calendar year. Please note that a number of scholarships are also available for eligible students.

Payment Options

If offered a place in The University of Sydney Business School's MBA program, there are several payment options available to participants.

If an employer has chosen to sponsor a participant, the organisation will be required to cover the cost of tuition fees to The University of Sydney. The MBA Program Director may work together with a sponsoring organisation to identify promising executives who best suit this accelerated leadership program.

Participants funding their own studies will be required to cover the cost of tuition fees to The University of Sydney. Participants who pay using this option may be able to claim tuition fees and possible associated costs as a self-education tax deduction. To determine eligibility, participants should check with their accountant/financial adviser and consult the Australian Taxation Office website.

FEE-HELP is a loan facility for eligible students (Australian citizens) who are enrolled in fee-paying, postgraduate coursework degrees. FEE-HELP enables students to obtain a loan from the Commonwealth Government to pay all or part of their tuition fees.

Eligible students repay their loan through the taxation system once their income reaches the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

Please note, FEE-HELP is only available to Australian citizens. Permanent residents of Australia and international students are not eligible to participate in this scheme.

Further information on FEE-HELP is available at the Australian Government Study Assist website.

For eligible participants wishing to take advantage of FEE-HELP, the Australian Federal Government will cover:

  • Tuition fees
    Please note, there may be a gap between how much participants are able to borrow under FEE-HELP and the total tuition fees participants are required to pay (see 'How much can I borrow' below).

FEE-HELP will NOT cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation, meal and group transportation costs for each unit of study
  • Return airfares for each overseas unit of study and return travel to the Australian-based units of study
  • Student amenities fee (SA-HELP loan is available)

It is imperative that participants consult the Australian Government Study Assist website and review their personal circumstances before making any decisions regarding payment options and FEE-HELP. The above is a simple guide and does not take into account personal circumstances and other contributing factors which are detailed at the Australian Government Study Assist website.

Case study

Joan has been offered and has accepted a place in the University of Sydney Global Executive MBA degree commencing in February 2018.

Joan has never claimed FEE-HELP for any previous studies and thus is eligible to borrow the full amount of $100,879. Note that this FEE-HELP limit is indexed on 1 January each year.

Joan's taxable income is $110,000 for the financial year, which is more than the upper threshold ($101,900 and above). This means she'll have a repayment rate of 8% of her income.

Go to the Study Assist - Loan Repayment website page to see the table of repayment rates for different income thresholds.

Therefore Joan's compulsory repayment is $110,000 x 8% = $8,800 over the next financial year. This repayment amount can be paid under pay as you go (PAYG) withholding or other means (see the Australian Government Study Assist website).

Participants may wish to speak with their employer or HR representatives to investigate whether salary sacrifice/salary packaging arrangements are available.