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Future anything

What does your future hold?

Today’s global business environment is rapidly changing. With an MBA from the University of Sydney Business School, you can become your future anything.

  • Learn with a cohort of like-minded professionals
  • Maximise your analytical skills
  • Develop the ability to articulate cogent arguments
  • Practical, real world learning
  • Fine-tune your management, leadership and professional skills

A path of discovery

You'll discover strengths you never thought you had. You'll detect weaknesses and turn them on their head. Our MBA will delve deep to unlock the 'ambition' within, and refine your leadership skills for the real world.

We believe that success requires a unique perspective with the ability to adapt proactively to emerging global trends and our cohorts are a true reflection of this commitment and mindset.

The first step

We begin by recognising how important your fellow students will be to the quality of your MBA learning experience, and conduct face-to-face interviews before carefully selecting students for the program.

We place emphasis on balancing personal development with technical learning. With the help of Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment tool, we will help you assess your strengths and leadership skills, identify your weaknesses, and create an individual development plan including workshops and professional coaching.

Maximising your effectiveness

The acquisition of knowledge also needs to be supported with the ability to articulate a clear point of view. This course provides a focus on critical thinking, when you're asked to articulate or argue a real case in point with business and community leaders. You also learn to engage with the media, maximising the effectiveness of your thoughts and arguments as written opinion pieces and presentations to camera.

MBA outcomes

Graduating with a University of Sydney Business School MBA arms you with all that you need to create the future you want. You'll:

  • Learn more about yourself as a leader and how to draw the best out of your team.
  • Be exposed to current insights from across all major business and management disciplines.
  • Master the art of taking theory and turning it into real-world practical solutions.
  • Acquire all the management skills and competencies you need to succeed.
  • Develop the tools to not only be an effective communicator, but to become a thought leader.
  • Become more informed, and able to articulate your point of view, on the contemporary forces shaping our society and business.
  • Develop a lifelong professional network of high-achieving, like-minded peers.

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Romaric Bouveret
Current MBA student.
Future anything.