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MBA Capstone: Design Strategy

A key component of our MBA is a focus on the practical application of theory to real-world business situations.

The capstone unit is the final unit of our MBA and involves a world-class learning module anchored in the field of strategic management, intersecting with principles in design thinking and product engineering. Students develop a real-life working prototype over a period of 3 weeks, based on a commercial problem, embedded in the strategic roadmap of our partners.

Our capstone unit is unique as students have the opportunity to develop and pitch a new product design to a corporate partner that is seeking commercial implementation. Students receive intensive mentorship from faculty staff and coaches, access to strategy documents and stakeholders within the partner organisation, and the opportunity to work in diverse, high-performing teams. If the prototype is successful, the corporate partner has the ability to invest or develop the product further after the completion of the unit. Students may also go to market for independent investment and support.

Our MBA Design Strategy capstone unit has produced over 100 graduates, generated 30 business propositions, embedded in three sectors, and on average one team per module has been able to continue with their design on a commercial basis.

Read more in the Australian Financial Review about our MBA alumni who are working with one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, Swiss Re, and our students who are working with uBank to develop a new solution for responsible saving.

Please direct all interest or questions in relation to the MBA Capstone Unit to Associate Professor Eric Knight at or +61 2 9351 7391.